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Extream-X Plus capsule revitalizes your sexual organs and hormones, you are endowed with a naturally increased sex drive. Extream-X Plus promotes the active production of Testosterones, the gentleman sex hormones.
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ExtreamX Plus has been developed with the clear understanding of the various factors affecting the male sex performance. It is a combination of special blend of natural herbs and medicines that could naturally replenish and strengthen your male sex organ.
Our Capsule is manufactured in India following strict guidelines.
All of our products go through extensive procedures from formulation to laboratory testing and medical trials. We agreement our products to competition or go beyond US FDA complement Standards of quality and safety.
Extream X is your best natural alternative for male enhancement!
Extream X Plus is the natural male sexual enhancement product that can give new heights for your relationship! Now you can start enjoy the sexual peaks that you never realized till now!
Massive Ejaculations
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Pornstar Performances
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Rauvolfia Serpentina

The root has been used for strengthening nervous system at both psychic and motor levels. It actively lowers your anxiety levels and provides reliefs against various central nervous system disorders including nerve disorders and mental disorders.
Tribulus Terrestris

Curculigo Orchioides

Another important ingredient, it is used in several traditional medicines as aphrodisiacs. Its also found widely applicable at treating erectile dysfunction, spiking libido etc...Its most important function is increasing sperm count, health and motion.

Orchis Mascula

As an aphrodisiac, Orchis Mascula strengthens the nerves in penis to give strong and long erections. It also a nerve tonic that actively fights against stress and mental disorders.
Citrus Aurantium

Myristica Fragrans

The Myristica Fragrans is your favorite remedy against premature ejaculation and impotency. We maintain that taken correctly, Extream-X Plus could be a completely herbal remedy for your hidden sexual problems.
Citrus Aurantium

Anacyclus Pyrethrum

Another important herb found as an active testicular stimulant, increasing and strengthening the sperm production. It's also useful at premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and seminal debility.

Withania Somnifera

Withania Somnifera is known as aphrodisiac from the east, have study-supported capability of increasing sexual libido and ability after taking the herb. It is also an remedy for infertility with the ability to provide the sense of of well-being and improved sexual performance.

Q: What is the time to take this capsule??
A: You should take this capsule 30-60 minutes before intercourse.

Q: Can I take your Capsule, If I am on prescription medicine?
A: We do not suggest it, without first consulting your physician.

Q: How long should I take the Capsule?
A: As extended as you would be fond of to experience "male enhancement".

Q: How long does it take the Capsule to work?
A: You should experience amazing within 30 minutes of taking them.

Q: Will the effects remain behind I stop taking the Capsule?
A: No they will not.

Q: Does it work with alcohol?
A: We do not suggest taking it by way of alcohol.

Q: How many Capsule do I take per day?
A: You take one Capsule per day.

Q: Are there any known side effects?
A: No there are not.

Q: When will my order ship?
A: Within 48 hours.

Q: : How will my order be shipped?
A: Your order will be there shipped USPS by delivery authentication.

Q: How will my order be packed?
A: inconspicuously, in simple packaging, shipped from Product Returns.

Q: How long will it get for my order to be distributed?
A: Domestically, 3-5 days. Worldwide, 5-7 existence.

Q: Do you deliver worldwide?
A: Yes we do!

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